CICASP set for another promising year in 2015

April marks the start of the academic year in Japan, and we are excited to welcome a new batch of students to PRI.

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The "Ai-Project"

The "Ai-project", which is centered around a female chimpanzee named Ai, focuses on language-like skills and the concept of numbers in chimpanzees. This research is led by Dr. Tetsuro Matsuzawa, and is now one of the longest-running laboratory programs dedicated to furthering our understanding of intelligence in our closest living relatives.

Koshima | In the Beginning...

The birthplace of Japanese primatology and the island that hosts one of the longest running field studies in the world focusing on primates at over 60 years, Koshima is home to the cultured monkeys that taught us that their traditions carry on much like those of our own. Stories of Koshima and the pioneers who began to study its inhabitants continue to inspire young researchers in the field of primatology and beyond even today.

From Primates to Penguins

To further illustrate our commitment to the comparative approach, CICASP's Andrew MacIntosh takes a look at penguin behaviour through the lens of fractal complexity.

Find out more about his research in his CICASP Profile.

Of Primates and Bats

Bats and primates have much in common in terms of variety and complexity of social systems, aspects of their ecology and the conservation issues they face. Dr. David Hill is studying forest bats, such as this Ussuri tube-nosed bat (Murina ussuriensis), to investigate social dynamics, vocal communication and the impact of habitat disturbance on bat populations.